Beast High Sweet Screams Abbey Bominable Doll

Beast High dolls are not your typical girly-girl type dolls! They’re a reasonably new line of dolls from Mattel that are based upon a series of books by the exact same name. Launched in 2010, the characters in the line were influenced by sci-fi and horror-type films and stories.

The characters in Monster High are all supposedly the children or other loved ones of popular beasts such as Dracula, Frankenstein’s Monster, The Creature from the Black Lagoon, and numerous others.

The characters frequently like to utilize beast puns, such as calling young girls “young ghouls.”

The dolls are a little less than 11 inches tall. Their heads are made from soft PVC, while their bodies are made from plastic. Each character has a different appearance- complexion, hair color, and outfits all differ hugely. Some even have green, pink, or blue skin. You can often think which monster they’re related to by seeing their unique functions, such as fangs, snakes, wolf ears, fins, and so on. Every one features accessories like a pet or a handbag, brush, stand, and possibly a second attire.

Abbey Bominable is Dracula’s daughter (her fangs are a little bit of a giveaway). She likes to wear fashionable clothes and fang out with her friends. She’s using a cool eye-scream-inspired outfit that’s totally scary-sweet. It features a brilliant, poufy dress with a bold print, and it’s accentuated with to-die-for devices.

She’s using a skeleton-trimmed neck piece and a belt that’s a cross in between skulls and a leaking ice cream cone. Her ultra-high heels make her look like she stepped on a huge ice cream cone. A bright, furry stole is delicately draped around her shoulders, and she’s bring a collaborating eye-scream purse. Her captivating headband looks a little bit like the Statue of Liberty’s crown- but it’s actually upside-down ice cream cones lined up throughout her head and melting down her hair.

Abbey is accompanied by a candy variation of her faithful animal wooly massive called Shiver. He’s actually sweet! She likewise features a brush, journal, and doll stand.
This toy is advised for children age 6 years and older.

The Monster High Sweet Screams Abbey Bominable Doll is anticipated to be among the most popular toys of the season for girls; in fact, it was even listed on the Target Top Toys for the Season List. If you’re shopping for a present for the Monster High fan on your list, better not wait too long to buy yours!

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