My Little Pony Equestria Girls ® Rainbow Rocks Mane Event Stage Playset

My Little Pony is a line of playthings that have actually been popular with children (as well as particularly little girls) because the 1980’s. They are so popular, actually, that two successful television collection have actually been based upon these colorful, magical horses.

A feature film called My Little Pony Equestria Girls was launched in 2013. In this musical comedy, the major characters (which are generally ponies), are transformed to an alternate world as human high schoolers.

A follow up entitled Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks was launched in the autumn of 2014. In this movie, the Canterlot High students are preparing to execute in a large music showcase called Rainbow Rocks.

When Twinkle Glimmer as well as her pals get together, they like to jam as a band called the Rainbooms. Golden Shimmer, Rainbow Dashboard, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rarity, Applejack, as well as their good friends all collaborated in a wonderful globe of songs, good friends, amazing journeys, and also obviously- haute couture.

In the flick, the Rainbow Rocks event becomes a fight of the bands, as well as the Rainbooms play their hearts out throughout the competitors. My Little Pony fans will certainly like to re-create that occasion, as well as the Rainbow Rocks Mane Event Phase Playset will certainly establish the scene for numerous hours of rockin’ fun. The vivid phase backdrop is ideal for a team of classy music super stars, as well as it even includes play phase lights hanging from pretend scaffolding expenses.

6 doll stands span the stage floor to offer each of the girls her very own area to sing and also play her instrument. Specific locations of the stage are embellished with each woman’s distinct “cutie mark” to allow every one of the Equestria Women to flaunt their certain talents and also fashion designs.

A scandal sheet Pinkie Pie doll is consisted of with the play set. She’ll be rocking the stage as the band’s energetic, fun-loving drummer. Her intense pink bass drum, arrest drum, cymbal, drumsticks, and also microphone headset are all consisted of. Her hair is styled in an unique concert design with purple and blue highlights in her generally pink hair. Her charming, vivid outfit has a balloon skirt and also like Pinkie Pie, it’s fashionable as well as fun.

While Pinkie Pie comes included with the play collection, the various other personalities are offered independently.

What little lady wouldn’t be delighted to be able to stage her actual own enchanting rock performance this Christmas? The Rainbow Rocks Hair Occasion Stage Playset would certainly make an excellent present for any type of My Little Pony fan age 5 or older.

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