LEGO ® Friends Jungle Tree Sanctuary

With this 320-piece set, you can develop a tree house sanctuary for all the wild animals that require to recuperate and be cared for. It comes with a tiny figure named Mia, who supervises of the sanctuary. There are also numerous animals consisted of in the set- a parrot, lion cub, turtle, and a monkey.

When the set is constructed, the animals will have the ability to go to a small pond for a beverage of water. There’s also a partially fenced pen where the animals can roam around and consume from the trough. There are lots of plants and flowers to add to the appeal- there’s even a vine to wrap around the tree. A ladder offers access to the birdhouse up top.

The monkey likes to take a bath by grasping among the vines and sliding into a barrel with pretend water in it, while the lion cub likes to stroll around the pen exterior. The parrot likes to be fed cookies upstairs in her birdhouse. On the other hand, Mia looks after the sanctuary and all of the animals. Throughout the day, she strives in the laboratory determining what’s wrong with sick animals, while in the evening she enjoys a serene rest in her bed room.

Great deals of fun accessories are consisted of with this set, including a cam, walkie-talkie, microscope, computer system, field glasses, a ladder, and much more.

Multiple levels of the sanctuary enable kids to move the animals and the small figure from space to space as they imagine caring for them in this remote animal sanctuary. Besides the outside pen, there’s the birdhouse, a lab, and a bed room.

One mom who currently bought the set stated that her child enjoys to construct the animal sanctuary over and over, while constantly refurnishing and altering it. Another adult bought the set for herself, and says she loves it. She wants to collect all of the LEGO ® jungle sets.

This LEGO ® set is recommended for children and collectors ages 7 and older. Other LEGO ® jungle sets can be bought individually to contribute to the fun and experience of rescuing wild animals and developing new structures.

It appears like this set going to be very popular this year- it’s even been called to the Target Top Toys for the Season List. If there’s a LEGO ® fan on your present list this year, don’t wait too long to order the LEGO ® Friends Jungle Tree Sanctuary for them, or you may not be able to discover one.

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