Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

. What little risk-taker wouldn’t simply enjoy to be able to drive about in a cool, kid-sized lorry of their very own?

With the brand-new Fisher-Price ® Power Tires ® Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ™ Dune Racer, your little one will certainly have the ability to drive over virtually any type of sort of surface. He or she will have a blast having the ability to tool around in this awesome automobile, and also take a pal along for the ride!

Created kids age 3 and also older, the Dune Racer is built to satisfy every little stunt person’s driving desires. It supplies important security functions that grownups will value, along with amazing and fun attributes that will certainly delight young motorists.

The Dune Racer comes spruced up with showy Teen Mutant Ninja Turtles graphics, intense shades, and also amazing “chrome” accents. Everybody will certainly recognize that it is when they see this slick vehicle coming with them!

The automobile’s Monster Grip (TM) drive system enables it to zoom appropriate across tough surfaces as well as glossy turf and harsh terrain. Its rugged steel structure wraps around an open cabin that has sufficient area for 2 riders to rest side-by-side.

Your little racers will certainly be able to press their driving fun to the max with the Dune Racer’s 2 ahead speeds (2.5 and 5 mph) and also one reverse rate (2.5 mph). It’s powered by a capable 12-volt rechargeable battery (as well as the battery charger is included).

The huge, tough tires and also Power-Lock brake system reduces as well as stops the lorry safely, while the metal sidebars use tough hand and also gripping support.

Certainly, just like any kind of lorry like this, the Dune Racer need to always be made use of with adult supervision. Cyclists must remain seated while the lorry remains in movement, they ought to put on shoes while riding, and also no greater than 2 riders should ride in it each time.

The Fisher-Price ® Power Wheels ® Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ™ Dune Racer is expected to be so popular this Christmas that it was named to Kmart’s 2014 Fab 15 hot plaything list. Certainly, it’s not mosting likely to be available in all stores, so make sure to purchase it early to ensure it arrives in time.

You won’t intend to miss the appearance of pure delight on your kid’s face when he learns that he’s the happy brand-new owner of the coolest new plaything on the block!

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